Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pose Pics - Before TT

Test-packing is going well. I've decided to check a second bag. Two yoga mats, 10 pounds of my new favorite protein powder, and a big stuffed polar bear (i.e. Mike hug supplement) and I am over capacity on my hoped-for one bag. But checking the extra bag is less expensive than shipping the stuff down, and gives me more peace of mind. Most importantly though, I've got a game plan two weeks in advance. Woo!

I did take a break this weekend to take some 'before TT' pose pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing and feeling how my postures will change through TT.

For me (and I hope for lots of other Bikram yogis out there), yoga is not about how flexible/inflexible I am, how great/not great my balance is, or even about getting a good stretch.

It's about pushing to my limits and putting 100% of my effort into the pose. The stretching aspect is important, but even more important is the compression and massage applied to the inside of the body during the stretch. And my favorite is the idea that I am torturing my body to strengthen my mind. For me, yoga is an exercise for your determination, concentration, and even perspective (i.e. 'yes I'm suffering right now, but will I be suffering after? no. am I lucky to be doing this? yes. is it good for me? yes. therefore, quit whining and enjoy the fact that I'm here.' This mantra often gets me through class).

As I do more yoga, my body changes - what is easy becomes hard, what is hard becomes easy. Then I adjust. And the cycle continues. I'm ready to take on whatever new challenge comes from this steadfast yoga in Bikram's TT Torture Chamber.

Standing Deep Breathing

Half Moon - Backward Bending

Hands to Feet

Head to Knee

Standing Bow


  1. DBolg! Who took these pictures? These are freakin amazing. I thought they were professional pictures from a website or something. Nice work!!!!

  2. Thanks, Jorjoh!! Mike took the pics. Then I played w/the colors on Windows Live Photo Editor. Glad you like them. BTW, I think I'm more proud of the yoga room in these than I am of the poses - it looks so pretty! :)

  3. Darci, those pictures are amazing!! Can I ask, what is your new favorite protein powder? I'm in the market for one!

  4. Thanks, Erin!

    My new favorite protein powder is "Muscle Feast 100% Whey - Chocolate." Find it at - it's wholesale and good quality, which means a good price for a good product. Super yummy too.

    The Micellar Casein in chocolate is also a good product, though it's not as tasty. Casein is supposed to be slower to digest, which means your body can absorb all the protein (whereas it may have to purge a portion of other proteins before they're absorbed).

    Most importantly, I got this stuff for about $.60 per serving, as opposed to $1+ per serving for Designer Whey. Woo!

    Let me know if you try it out! :)

  5. Darci,
    You look amazing! I am so inspired by you and your eventual trip to TT. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to read more about your journey!